Saturday, December 04, 2004

Holiday Weekend

My holiday weekend was hectic. I was supposed to be at three places in one day. I only made it to one place, where I ate then fell asleep. The rest of my weekend was spent working and trying to explain to the other two people what happened to me on Thanksgiving. I felt really bad, but there was nothing I could do. Hopefully, the next holiday, I will at least make it to two of the places that I have to go to. But I think the next holiday, X-Mas, is going to be a little more hectic. My family can never get together without at least one arguement. They usually make up pretty fast, but the arguement doesn't end very fast. My family is very disfunctional. The food that I did eat on Thanksgiving was excellent though.

Assignment Ten

That site was cute. I liked it. Some of those monkeys, like Louis Guzman were hilarious. That was just really mean, but it was funny. I will have to check that one out later and see all of it as well as some of the others that you have has us look at.

Assignment Nine

OMG!! That is hilarious. The sign that said A-Titty and the sign that said Flesh Meat, those were great. I loved the caption under the A-Titty sign, "If you need more space, try D-Titty. I don't know what is up with the different languages and how one of our words can mean something totally different in other language, but it does. My friend got a chinese symbol as a tattoo once and she thought it said one thing, but it actually said something else. I rather not say what it actually was, but she thought it said woman. Yeah, some kinda woman. That is hilarious. I am going to have to check more of that site out later. Where do you find these things Lisa?

Assignment Eleven

I don't really go to any websites really. I mean the only thing that I really do on the internet is check my e-mail and look up things for my school work. I am not really in to computers. I mean I know how to use them, but other than that, they really don't interest me that much. I like to play a game of spades on the internet every now and then to relax, but that doesn't happen very often. I liked the site where they showed all of the shows that fell off. That brought back a lot of memories. It was a pretty cool site. I might visit that one again some time to check out the whole thing and see all the shows that I used to watch that aren't on anymore.

Assignment Eight

I chose one of Ms. Poetics entries. I don't know why I keep comming back to her, maybe because she inspires me, hell I don't know. I feel really bad about her holiday weekend. That kinda sucks. I am not sure that I would have taken that crap from whoever told her that she had to clean everything up by Monday. If my oven doesn't work, my window is broken, and my bath tub is peeling, there is no way that I am doing anyone any favors until my stuff is fixed. I'm sorry, maybe that is just me, I also don't have children though. Maybe that is why I think like that. I give you major props for that girl, because I would have told her to take her fine and eviction notice and shove it.
I haven't seen anyone that chose to write about my blog.

Assignment Seven

That picture seemed a little ironic to me. A soldier holding a gun and petting a kitten just doesn't seem right to me. I know that soldiers are human and that they have feelings, I probably would have done the same thing if I had seen the kitten, but I am not out killing people over nothing. Soldiers are seen as masculin and hard. When I say hard, I mean that they are tough. You wouldn't expect to see something like that in a picture or anywhere. I don't know, I just thought that it was kind of ironic to me. I have no idea what Frauden, or whatever the guy's name was, would have said about that picture, but I found it to be very ironic.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Assignment Six

The typology test pretty much described me to a T. It said that I like to help people and are rarely thanked and appriciated. It said that I am not very talkative when I am in a large group setting, which is very true. I am happy with the occupation that they said I would be good at. They said that I should be in law enforcement, which is great because I have already invested a year into getting a degree in law enforcement. I really like this little test thing, because I believe that it works. I found it funny that I was compared to Mother Teresa. That is hilarious for anyone that knows me. I will advise some of my friends to also take this typology test.

Assignment Five

The Peter Pan page was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. I am sorry, but there is something wrong with that man. Some of the outfits that were on his "Fashion Page", if that is what he calls what he had on, are the most ridiculous looking things I have ever seen. I just can not believe that somone would actually wear something like that. His "everyday wear" really made me laugh. I pray that he does not actually go out in public like that.
Our fashion trends really have changed over the years, but the funny thing is that clothing from the sixties and seventies are comming back. The hip-hugger bellbottoms and the damsel tops are back. Some of the other fashion trend have stayed a little longer than I thought they should, i.e. the pants that are damn near at these guys ankles. That should have faded away a long time ago if you ask me. My little brother tries to wear his pants like that and it drives me nuts. Then they wear shorts under thier pants. If they would pull their pants up to where they are supposed to be, they wouldn't have to wear shorts to cover thier boxers or briefs.
The young men in todays society need a new fashion trend if you ask me. Then they wear belts!!! Now what is the point in wearing a belt when you have your pants at your knees? Then they wonder why they have to walk with their legs spread six feet apart. Gee, I wonder. Pull your damn pants up.
I'm sorry everyone, that just drives me crazy to see that. I am sorry again, but I do not want to see your butt hanging out everywhere I go.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Assignment Four

I really enjoy Ms. Poetic's blog. She is such a talented writer and I love everything, especially "Baby Daddy Syndrome." I hope that she keeps up the poems, because they are not only enjoyable to read, they are also very inspirational. I only wish that I was able to write like that. I do write poems myself, but they are nothing like that. I really enjoy this blog.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Assignment Three

I'm sorry, but I thought that was kinda funny. I guess that I thought it was funny because of the author's sarcasm. In a way, I do agree with what he is saying, but he is kind of extreme. I believe that kids are going to be kids. They are going to be curious, even if they have a strong role model. Some kids won't want to smoke or do drugs, because their parents have talked to them over and over before they were tempted and they had the courage to say no thank you. I think that when children try drugs and smoking, it is more of a low self-esteem issue because if they think they aren't doing what the "cool" kids are doing; they won't be cool. Now, don't get me wrong, I smoke and I didn't start because I wanted to be cool, I started because I was curious. Kids are naturally curious, they want to know what the big deal is.
Maybe my way of thinking is way off, but I think that no matter what you tell kids or what you show them, they are going to do what they want to do. So, these advertisements are kind of enticing, but I don't really see how that will change anything that kids think.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Assignment Two

Jumping the shark. Well, I really can not think of a specific show that has fallen off. I remember a show that I used to love when I was little and it has just disappeared. The show Blossom. I think my whole reason for wanting to watch that show, was to watch Joey Lawrence. I thought he was the cutest thing in the world. Then when that show went off the air, he was in another show with his other two brothers and I loved that show too, Brotherly Love. I don't know whatever happened to those shows. I don't know whatever happened to him and his brothers. I have not seen anything on them in a couple years. Maybe that is why the shows fell off, because they fell off. Hey who knows.
But now days, these reality shows are becoming ridiculous. Americas Next Top Model is horrible. I absolutely hate that show with a passion. Lets show kids that it is okay to hate yourself as long as you look good doing it. It is okay to starve yourself and modify your image to please others. I mean come on, that show is horrible. There are a few good ones that are on, like Trading Spouses, The Player, and maybe one more. Now, when Big Brother first came on it was really good. I never missed a show, but now I can not even stand to watch ten minutes of the show. I think Eddie, the guy with one leg, on the first show is what had everyone watching. He was great.
I do not think that there is a show on television that will not eventually fall off. I mean, even Frasier, the show that was on forever, went off the air. Friends, one of the best shows in the world went off the air. I was so unhappy about that. I had been watching that show since it started. I really hate when you find a good show and it falls off, I think that is the worst. Like with those reality shows, you can pretty much tell that they suck from the very first show. But hey, that's the business. I think someone really needs to reconsider what they are putting on television. Some of these shows, the ideas of these shows, is really like come on-how desperate for ratings can you possibly get?
Hey maybe this is just me, who knows?

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Assignment One

Television does change you, I think. At least, it changed me. It has gotten to the point to where I literally change my schedule around to make sure that I am home to watch certain shows. And now that I think about it, that is pretty sad. I could probably recite every commercial that has been on TV in that last ten years. That is crazy. For example, on Monday nights, I have to be home from seven to ten. I don't answer the phone or go anywhere between those times. My fiance isn't even aloud to talk to me between those times, unless there is a commercial, but as soon as the commercials are over, he knows to shut up until the next one. That is crazy, the more I think about it, the more I see how sad it really is. My life revolves around TV.
I am totally into music, too. I am not a fan of any one type of music, although I can not deal with classical music, simply for the fact that I believe that if it does not have words, it is not music. I am the type of person that blares my stereo and sings off key as loud as I possibly can. I have certain Cd's that I listen to based on the type of mood that I am in. When I feel like belting out every note except for the ones that the singer is actually singing, I will pop in something like Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, or Melissa Ethridge. Every mood has a different CD case. Today I am listening to Evenessance, because they tend to wake me up and get my blood flowing and at nine o'clock in the morning, that is what I thought I needed. Yeah, that didn't work.
I am not so much into movies. I have probably watched about five movies since the year started. I don't really have time to watch movies, because as soon as my shows are over for the night, I have to get back to studying or something else. It is so bad, that I just saw Scary Movie 3 last weekend. I am not a movie fan all that much.
So, my life is pretty much TV oriented and I really don't think that it will change any time soon, because even if they happen to discontinue any of my shows, I will most likely just end up finding a new show to replace the old one. It has become a routine for me. So, I will be old and gray still sitting infront of the TV at seven every night. It is sad, I know.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Who I am

Hello. My name is Nicole Gabrielle Parker. This is my third semster here at SWIC. I am currently majoring in Administration of Justice. I am nineteen years old. I am engaged right now, I do not have any children as of yet. I live in Fairview Heights with my fiancee' and three dogs. I am a very outgoing, determined, easy to get along with (most of the time), and I am extremely talkative person. I love the outdoors, shopping, reading, danceing, kids, and animals. This isn't everything there is to know about me, but it is a start.